Testicular Cancer is on the Rise


Incidence of testicular cancer has been on the rise in the United States. Unlike other well-known cancers, this cancer tends to strike young and middle-aged men. Fortunately, survival rates for testicular cancer are over 95% when the disease is caught early. Most often, testicular cancer is first detected as a lump, swelling, or pain. Because other testicular problems may also have these symptoms, it’s especially important to have a doctor investigate any testicular changes.

Prevention is Key

Early detection is crucial to successful recovery. If you have any reason to suspect testicular cancer, don’t wait. Get to a doctor and find out for sure. Prevention and early detection are vital to staving off many of the main killers of men: prostate cancer, heart disease, testicular cancer, and depression, to name a few.

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Take action now!

Knowledge is power and prevention is key. If you suspect anything isn’t right in your body, get it checked out. Join the fight against the most common killers of men:

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