#TrueBlue Inspiration: Brittany’s Story


Photo Courtesy of Brittany.

My grandpa Walter always thought of others before himself. He was a Sacramento City police officer for 35 years. During his career with the police, if he ever ran across a person who was lost or lonely, he would invite them over to his house for dinner. He told me one of the most important things he wanted to achieve was to make that person feel important, needed and that they had a purpose. They, of course, would always have to hear some counsel from the wise Wally. 🙂

Later in life, after he retired and even into his 80s, Wally still took care of others. I can remember there being a tin cup in the top of his kitchen cabinet, full of keys to everyone’s house in the neighborhood. He took care of his neighborhood and people grew to rely on him throughout the years. He would take garbage cans in, do handyman work, mow the lawns, sweep the sidewalks and sometimes just stop in for a cup of coffee and chat. At holidays, there were always friends, neighbors and sometimes people I had never met before who didn’t have anywhere to go. Anyone was invited to his house. You were never alone.

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