MDsave and Healthcare Bluebook Partner to Cut Patient Costs

Together MDsave and Healthcare Bluebook bring to consumers fair pricing and better value at a time when more Americans are paying higher out-of-pocket healthcare costs than ever before.

Nashville, TN – September 7, 2016 – Healthcare Bluebook, an online tool that provides healthcare cost and quality information so consumers can shop before seeking care, and MDsave, the world’s first online healthcare marketplace, today announced a strategic collaboration that will save patients money by connecting value shopping with purchasing healthcare services at pre-negotiated rates.

The two companies, both based in the Nashville area, will promote each other’s services through a website traffic sharing agreement. Thanks to this initiative, visitors to Healthcare Bluebook will have one-click access to MDsave, where they can purchase healthcare vouchers for procedures from local providers at discounted rates. Similarly, MDsave visitors will soon have access to Healthcare Bluebook’s Fair Prices within their online shopping sessions.

“People overpay for healthcare every day because they can’t see that some facilities charge five to ten times more for the exact same procedure.” according to Jeff Rice, M.D., Healthcare Bluebook’s CEO. “You’d never pay $20 for a gallon of gas because you know the fair price is around $2. Checking the Fair Price for healthcare procedures in advance eliminates price blindness so people can avoid bad deals and find good value.”

“High costs and confusing prices have broken our healthcare system, and we are on a mission to fix it,” said Paul Ketchel, founder and CEO of MDsave. “By pre-purchasing bundled healthcare in our marketplace, healthcare consumers can be certain they won’t receive any surprise bills or additional charges.”

Using the two services together helps value-conscious consumers confidently save, no matter where they choose to start. They can begin at to learn the “Fair Price” for their procedure before visiting to shop for care. Or, they can start by finding care at and then visit to confirm its value.


About MDSave

Co-located in Brentwood, Tenn. and San Francisco, Calif., MDsave is the world’s first online healthcare marketplace, bringing together patients seeking affordable, reliable care with providers offering high-quality services at fair prices. Using cutting-edge technology, MDsave simplifies the healthcare billing process for patients and providers alike through negotiated rates, bundled pricing, and up-front payment. The MDsave marketplace also helps employers and payers offer more value to employees and policy holders with out-of-pocket deductible costs. Launched in June 2012, the company offers a wealth of information on its website about common illnesses and procedures. For more information, visit


About Healthcare Bluebook

Healthcare Bluebook helps people save money on healthcare by showing them pricing and quality differences for common procedures at facilities in their area—charges that can vary by 5X to 10X. We empower people with simple, clear price and quality information so they can find the best value. Healthcare Bluebook works with employers to make healthcare price transparency available to their employees and directly via our website and mobile apps to provide Fair Price™ information to everyone. Join us in our quest to end healthcare price blindness at


Kate Steurer