Seeing Clearly: A Story of Sight and Savings


Most of us take our sight for granted. We don’t think about how hard daily life would be with compromised vision. Donna experienced it firsthand.  To get to the bottom of her failing eyesight, she needed an MRI. But with no health insurance, she was facing a $6,500 price tag.

Meet Donna 

Tell us about yourself. What do you want everyone to know about you?
I enjoy being with people, and helping people, and being outdoors. Cruises are my favorite – we have a Caribbean cruise booked for October!
What are your hobbies?
Cruising is top of the list! I love to read, I love music, I love planting and keeping my yard looking nice…that pretty much keeps me busy.

When did you realize something might be wrong?

I was having problems with my vision. Right after my problem started, I went to see my doctor and she said I needed an MRI of my head. The neurologist I saw confirmed that I needed an MRI and wanted to set me up with one, but I don’t have medical insurance.  

How did you hear about us?

The next day after my neurologist appointment, I went back to work. A lady from the Martin hospital brought cards about MDsave to the clinic. [The cards explain what MDsave is and how it works.]  She introduced herself and I let her meet the doctor in the back.

I knew I needed an MRI. I thought, “The worst they can do is tell me no.”

I called that morning, by the afternoon they had my appointment set up and I went in the next morning.

How much did you save and what was it like working with us?

What was going to be a $6,500 test, I got for $500! I was just blown away that it was such a drastic cut of price. I know it was a lifesaver for me. I was thrilled to death.

Working with MDsave was fast! It went like clockwork – I didn’t have any problems. I was very impressed.

How are you feeling now?

My eyes have finally cleared up – it took about 8 weeks. Somewhere in the back of my head there had been a very light stroke that caused 4th nerve palsy. My eye doctor, who I’ve been going to for years, upped my dosage of aspirin and said, “Donna, in time, it will heal itself.”

I’ve gained a new respect for eyesight after dealing with the blurred vision and trying to work and trying to drive.

I would encourage anyone to call and talk to MDsave before you have anything done, I really would. Especially if you’re self-pay, it helps out tremendously. I’m all for it! I have the cards here at the clinic. I hand them out to patients I know, and I say, “Please call them and see if they can help you first.” I’m a big supporter here in West Tennessee!


About MDsave

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