Why I Love What I Do


Photo Courtesy of Jessica.

On September 1, 2016, Jessica Browning was in the right place at the right time to help a stranger in need. Jessica is an Account Manager for MDsave in Texas, and she was visiting an MDsave participating location when she overheard an exchange between a registrar and a woman needing a CT scan.

I was visiting an imaging & lab center in Texas, and I was waiting in the lobby to speak with my point person. One registrar was upfront with a patient reviewing the CT scan she will be having done, going over the details of the procedure along with payment.

I heard the registrar tell the patient, “Today you will owe the facility portion, and then later on you will receive another bill from the radiologist who reads and interprets the scan.”

The patient immediately asked, “How much will it cost altogether?”

The registrar said, “I am not sure how much from the radiologist, and unfortunately you haven’t met your deductible, so your total for the facility will be $458 but you only have to pay half today.”

The woman said, “Well, are there any other payment options? That is just ridiculous.”

I am sitting there and dying to get up and help!!!

So finally, the registrar says, “Oh, well, we have this program called MDsave.” The patient says “Is it cheaper?” and the registrar replied, “Let me look it up.”

That was my cue! I interrupted and said, “Hi, my name is Jessica and sorry for overhearing your conversation, but I am from MDsave and have a price list right here. Your CT Scan will be $283.” I looked at the patient and said, “This price will also include your radiology bill, no other bills.”

The patient starts to bawl – with TEARS! She hugged me and said, “Jessica, you know when life gives you moments when they’re all meant to be, well, you just walked through the door and made my day. I am having a ton of health issues right now and this procedure will be the first of many – plus I just had triplets last year!”

I couldn’t help myself. I started to cry and said, “YOU MADE MY DAY TOO!!”

It was a surreal feeling. A feeling that made me proud to be a part of MDsave. All the work we do is so incredible and we get to help people we don’t even know. I am grateful.