She Heard the Gasp

"I will not have another procedure until I first see if I can use MDsave." - Nikki

Photo Courtesy of Nikki.

As small business owners in Indiana, Nikki and her husband have to buy their own insurance, and they have a very high deductible. When Nikki was faced with a procedure price so high it made her gasp in shock, the hospital representative introduced her to MDsave. Now, Nikki is on a mission to help others avoid medical debt.

How did you find MDsave?

A few months ago, my doctor referred me to a surgeon to follow up on two abdominal surgeries I had a couple of years ago. I needed to have a CT scan. When the hospital called me to set up the appointment and go over my payment options, the representative told me how much of my deductible was not paid yet. (My husband is a small business owner, and we buy our own insurance. We pay just under $2,000.00 in monthly premiums, and our deductible is very high.)

She heard the gasp I made under by breath when she told me I needed a $300.00 copay that day, and that the scan would cost upwards of $6,000.00 since I hadn’t met my deductible. I told her I had no idea that it would be that much, and then she asked me if I had heard of MDsave. I had not.

“I could save thousands”

The hospital representative explained MDsave to me, and buying the vouchers online. She told me that if I pay the pre-negotiated procedure price upfront, that I could possibly save thousands. She said more and more hospital networks, clinics and doctors are participating in it.

She told me that I really should check MDsave out online, and I did. I called as well, and talked to an MDsave representative. I purchased the first voucher and used it for the CT scan. I even purchased the incorrect voucher the first time, through my own fault, but as soon as I got home, I called MDsave on the phone, and they refunded the incorrect purchase immediately.

“At first, the total cost was $8,100. The scan cost me $645”

At first, the hospital had told me that the total cost of the CT scan was about $8,100, including the radiologist’s charge to read it…but my $5,000 deductible was not even close to being met yet. So, taking all of this into consideration, I saved over $6,000, probably more. The scan cost me a total of $645.00. I received no additional bills.

“I will not have another procedure until I first see if I can use MDsave”

I have a degenerative disc disease as well, and have been having severe issues with that. Since I already knew MDsave worked for me, I checked into buying a voucher for an upcoming MRI that was ordered recently to see the regression of my spine issues. It was the same experience: I first used MDsave for x-rays, then for the MRI.

I’ve used it three times now, and I will not have another procedure – x-ray, blood work, etc. – until I first see if I can use MDsave. My husband is going to use it very soon for an ultrasound.

“This is the best alternative I’ve found”

We will be losing our current health insurance in January of 2018, due to a large insurance company pulling out of Indiana. I don’t know at this point what we are going to do, but I do know that my plan is to continue to use MDsave. I tell everybody I know, because I can’t watch people going into debt over medical bills if they don’t need to. This is the best alternative I’ve found, and I am so grateful that the representative from the first hospital told me about it.

“Helpful, knowledgeable, and kind”

Talking to MDsave representatives on the phone has been very nice. They’ve been helpful, knowledgeable, and kind.

I urge anybody who is not certain to check them out. Anyone with a high deductible…check them out. I hope that more and more hospital networks participate in the future.

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