Close to Home

Dawn thought she would have to drive 90 miles to find an affordable scan for her daughter. But through MDsave, she was able to get the care her daughter needed at her local hospital, with no surprises.

 Meet Dawn

We have health insurance, but it has a high deductible, and we were going to have to pay out of pocket for a scan our doctor ordered for my daughter. I learned of MDsave when I called our local hospital to ask how much the scan was going to cost. When she told me, I said I was going to check at another hospital (90 miles away, but possibly worth the drive to save money). The person at our local hospital told me about MDsave and that it was available to us, even though we had health insurance.

Doing the Due Diligence

I had never heard of MDsave, so I asked the benefits coordinator at work if she knew about it. She told me MDsave was reputable and that others from our company had used it successfully. I went online and was able to see the exact price the scan would be (which was significantly less than the cost quoted to me by the hospital). The website said I would not get another bill for an interpretation charge. I decided to give it a try.

No Surprises

I checked with the doctor to make sure I was ordering the right test, and then paid online by credit card. I asked the doctor to fax the order for the scan to my local hospital. I printed the MDsave voucher to prove I had paid for the scan, but it wasn’t even needed. The people in hospital admissions had a record we had paid through MDsave. My daughter had her scan, and I never received any other bills from the hospital. Everything went exactly as I had been told!

Spreading the Word

If anyone in my family needs an x-ray or diagnostic test in the future, I will head straight to the MDsave website. I wish I had known about this when my daughter broke her finger a few months ago. We could have saved some money on the x-ray with MDsave. I am spreading the word to my family and friends!

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