MDsave Named Gartner Cool Vendor in Healthcare

What does it mean to be a “cool” vendor? According to Gartner’s 2018 Cool Vendor list, it means doing innovative, impactful, and pioneering work in your industry – for us, that’s Healthcare Providers.

We always say we’re fixing healthcare together with our hospital partners and our patients, and we’re honored to be among the chosen few companies recognized out of hundreds in the healthcare space.

Here are a few highlights from Gartner’s MDsave analysis in the Cool Vendors report. You can read the full Healthcare Providers list here.

Why MDsave is Cool

“MDsave is cool, because it is one of the few digital medical shopping platforms that can make healthcare more affordable for a specific and growing population of consumer. This platform focuses on healthcare consumers requiring less-expensive care, given the limits of their healthcare coverage and rising out-of-pocket expenses.”

“MDsave offers healthcare providers a way to package their services as bundled procedures to consumers who pay for their healthcare, for the most part, out of pocket. MDsave distributes payment to all healthcare providers in a bundle within seven days of service.”

Challenges We’re Overcoming

“MDsave offers a realistic and direct approach to the important piece of the healthcare affordability puzzle – making healthcare more affordable to the unemployed, uninsured and underinsured – one that is visibly and materially more affordable to the consumer.”

“It also recognizes that healthcare, at least in the U.S., is a business that must be profitable to survive in its current incarnation and that the business of healthcare must ultimately be affordable to the majority of its customers.”

“MDsave will face skepticism and resistance from industry players that are uneasy with any healthcare payment and delivery model that challenges long-held views and practices. But as its geographic penetration increases and the financial realities of healthcare continue to bear down on patient and provider alike, its platform will become increasingly attractive.”

Who Should Care

  • “Healthcare provider CIOs looking to offer a transparent, online marketplace for certain bundled procedures that are reasonably prices for consumers and patients and profitable for the enterprise”
  • “CFOs looking to increase and accelerate out-of-pocket receivables, reduce bad debt, keep patients within their networks and improve downstream revenue (for subsequent care)”
  • CEOs looking to attract patients from within their local employer base, support self-pay patients and attract nonaffiliated physician referrals”
  • “Human resource professionals looking to augment employee benefits with a service that decreases out-of-pocket healthcare expenses and integrates with HSA programs”
  • “Unemployed, uninsured and underinsured consumers in need of healthcare pricing relief and increased access to healthcare services.”

Excerpts selected from the 2018 Gartner Cool Vendors in Healthcare Providers list, analysis by Barry Runyon. Emphasis added by editor.

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