We Can Make a Change

Photo Courtesy of Douglas.

A cancer diagnosis is enough to handle without unaffordable costs adding to your stress. Douglas sought out a second opinion before getting his biopsy, but when he saw the procedure cost he ran back to his first doctor – who introduced him to MDsave.



“I have been married to my wife for 28 years, I’m a Texas Aggie, and I’m proud to be American. Before living in Texas, we lived in Nashville for three years. During our time in Nashville, we owned a 33-acre farm. Our friends bought the farm from us after moving to Texas, which is really nice because we get to go back and visit.

I’m also a Christian. I participate with Christian Health Ministries, which is a bill-sharing network. The great thing about it is that you have all the members praying for you and it’s just really awesome.”


“I went to a doctor who recommended a biopsy due to an elevated PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level. After some thinking, I decided I wanted to get a second opinion. So, I went to another hospital and managed to run up over $3,500 in MRIs and other tests. After being tested, the second doctor recommended a prostate biopsy just like the first doctor did, and quoted me $14,000. That’s when I ran back to the office of Dr. Morris!

Dr. Morris told me that the cost through MDsave for the prostate biopsy would be $573 and informed me of other fees that were not included in the price, such as the pathology fees. This was a relief, considering the high amount that I was quoted at the second doctor’s office. After the biopsy was completed with Dr. Morris, I found out I had prostate cancer. Thankfully, it was low-grade and caught early.”


Dr. Morris was the one who told me about MDsave and how he was able to quote me the $573 price for the prostate biopsy. I checked out the prostatectomy on MDsave and decided to go through the process. On July 23, I underwent the prostatectomy with Dr. Morris and used MDsave.

When I first checked into the hospital, I noticed an MDsave poster. I asked the clerk about MDsave and she said ‘Oh, it’s great! Look, here’s your paperwork. You’re not even the responsible party here. It has MDsave on it. This is going to be a breeze!’ Since then, I haven’t seen one bill. MDsave saved me a ton of money!”


“I did research on MDsave and found that we both have a similar mission: to get healthcare to real transparent pricing. If you could cut out the middleman, like MDsave does, and pay the doctor directly, then everything would be so much better.

The main reason why I was interested in MDsave was that it’s less expensive and is easy to just pay one time and be done. I have a huge phobia of totally unrealistic and unjustifiable healthcare bills and unbelievable overcharges. MDsave eliminates all of the stress and anxiety. It’s nice knowing the price upfront and not having to worry about additional bills. There are no surprises!”


“I’m feeling great. I think a lot of elements such as soreness, muscle ache, and fatigue were due to the cancer, which I’ve gotten rid of now. I’ll have another PSA test in a few more weeks and hopefully it comes back to 0 and I’m cancer free!

All of this has been unbelievable. To me, MDsave takes all the guesswork and stress out of bills. If you’re concerned about costs and the predicament of dealing with insurance companies and want to make a change in the healthcare system, MDsave is the way to go. I just want to thank everyone at MDsave for everything you’re doing. We can make a change. MDsave has convinced me!”

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