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Kristi's Daughter
Kristi’s Daughter. Photo Courtesy of Kristi.

Kristi’s daughter needed surgery. But when she was quoted an enormous price, she knew something wasn’t right and took matters into her own hands. Kristi took her case all the way up to leadership – and got them to listen.


“I’m a wife, mother, and small business owner. My company has a self-insured policy where we’re responsible for the first $45,000 before reinsurance kicks in. This means that the amount being charged to insurance is just as much a concern to me as the amount charged to me personally.

The price gouging that goes on in healthcare should be criminal, and the average patient has absolutely no idea!”


“I found MDsave after my daughter’s ENT scheduled her for an ear tube surgery. He told me that it would be a simple, five-minute procedure but had to be performed in the hospital. They told me that I needed to bring a check for around $2,000 with me the day of the procedure. I asked the lady at registration if my insurance was going to pay any of it and she said, ‘Oh yes. Your insurance company will be billed around $12,000 and you’re responsible for $2,000.’

As I was on the phone with her, I was searching the average price of the ear tube procedure on the internet and knew this amount was insane. I apologized, but told her that I simply couldn’t afford to pay that much, and would have to go elsewhere. She told me that to be honest, it wasn’t the first time she’d heard this.

The ENT doctor ended up personally calling me. He had gotten word that I’d cancelled the surgery, and apparently this was the first he had heard of how much the hospital was charging. He said, ‘I really appreciate what you’re doing.’

This led me to call the hospital back and talk to upper management. They eventually offered to work out a cash deal with me. The lady said to me, ‘You know, we’re working on a new partnership with a company called MDsave. I’ll want you to pay this through MDsave.’ I was thrilled by the concept!

The total cost was $2,100 and not only did it include the hospital fee, but also the doctor fee and anesthesiologist fee! It was an all-inclusive package. I was able to get my daughter’s entire surgery for what I would have paid in my co-pay alone.

Kristi's Daughter
Kristi’s daughter. Photo courtesy of Kristi.

I then went to MDsave and bought the voucher. I was also able to use a coupon for being a first time customer and saved another $25… every little bit helps! I was apparently one of the first people to use MDsave at that particular hospital because on the day of the surgery, the lady who collected payment was a bit confused by the voucher, but impressed with the price on it!”


“I’ve been preaching your praises! I’ve been spreading the word to others about MDsave.

Actually, I had a family member, who is also on our company health insurance, who had to get an MRI with contrast. Ironically enough, I didn’t know MDsave was offered in her area until I searched the site [] and found out that the exact MRI with contrast was offered at the hospital where she was already scheduled to have the procedure, with the exact same doctor. I helped her to purchase the procedure online and it was all so seamless.

I also had a friend who has recently switched to a high deductible plan and had to have an EKG done. She told me she had paid around $1,200 out of pocket for the procedure. I pulled up MDsave’s website on my phone and told her, ‘Look at this, you could have gotten it for about $600.’ She said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’ She would have had to drive about an hour to get the test done using MDsave, but would’ve been more than willing to do so to save 50%.”


“We have roughly 100 employees, and healthcare is our #1 expense. We’re on a self-insured plan, and our health insurance claims can easily be the difference between a profitable year and operating at a loss. I’m always trying to find information on the best options for both my company and our employees in order to better educate them on their choices.

Becuase MDsave brings so much value, I decided to give MDsave a call to ask about what marketing information was available to share with my employees. This is how I got my company signed up as an employer with MDsave to give my employees the opportunity to shop for low cost procedures.”


“Think of it as the Groupon of health! If you use a Groupon to go to a restaurant, you think they serve you different food? I don’t think so! It’s the same. For healthcare, it’s the exact same hospital and doctor.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved. In most cases, the patient saves money (and knows up front their exact costs) and the hospital and/or doctor is guaranteed payment, along with a great marketing opportunity.”

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