An Unpredictable Turn

Photo Courtesy of Mike.

One day, Mike took his daughter to a baseball game, only to be hit with the ultimate curveball a few days later: he might have cancer. Quoted thousands of dollars for his tests, he was left wondering how he was going to pay – until his hospital told him about MDsave.


“I’m 59 years old and I have five kids. I live in McHenry, IL. I was a former business owner and now I’m a consultant.

I used to have insurance but not anymore. I don’t really go to the doctor and the last time I went to the doctor was years ago, which was for dehydration. My family members are always encouraging me to go.

I went to my local hospital where I used MDsave. Seriously, I was shocked at the amount of money that I saved.”


“On March 31st, I went to the bathroom and noticed that something was wrong. A friend of mine has a urologist contact who I called that following Monday. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with the nurse practitioner talking to her about my concerns. She was very informative and answered all of my questions, and she ended up moving my appointment sooner.

I went in for my exam with the doctor and he told me that my prostate was swollen and that I may have cancer. The doctor said, ‘I can’t feel any cancer. Doesn’t mean you don’t have it. But often times when you have it, I can feel it.’ His biggest concern was that he believed I had a 20% chance of kidney or bladder cancer.

In order for the doctor to get a good picture, he recommended a CT scan and cystoscopy. I was instantly scared because I had never had these procedures done before and didn’t know what to expect. The doctor’s office told me that since I was self-insured, I should probably call around to get the cost of the CT scan. I did my research.

The hospital registrar told me that she couldn’t give me any prices unless I was registered with them. So, I registered and she told me that the price for the CT scan was $7,200. I told her, ‘I don’t have insurance. Is there anything that can be done to help with the price?’ She said that without insurance, the price for the CT Scan was $5,100.

I was shocked. I felt the wind go out of my sail because all of a sudden I had to get a lot of tests done and on top of that, I might have cancer. Just a few days before this, I was at a baseball game with my daughter enjoying our time.

The situation put me in a very emotional place. Not to mention, how was I going to pay?”


“15-20 minutes after I left the hospital, the same person called me back. She told me, ‘I want to tell you about another potential option for you. It’s a company called MDsave.’ She then told me all the information about MDsave and how to search and pay for the procedure.

She also informed me that the cost was $568 dollars. I said, ‘Are you sure?!’ because it was such a surprise to me! Especially since they just quoted me an enormous price.

I knew that the information about MDsave came from the registrar at the hospital and that it was credible. But once I got home, I was still thinking about how unrealistic it sounded and how it could even exist. Sure enough, I went to and I got my voucher and printed it out. I called the hospital back and they asked for the voucher number. The registrar set up my appointment and that was it!”


“On the day of my appointment, I presented my voucher and I waited until it was time for me to do my test. Once the CT scan was completed, they gave me the disc and told me that they were going to send the results to the doctor.

I walked out the hospital going, ‘Really?! That was so simple.'”


“This is real affordable healthcare. The whole experience really shocked me. I can’t wait to tell more people about my story. I actually told one of my buddies about my experience afterwards. He already has a test coming up and asked me about MDsave.

MDsave amazes me and takes the worry out on how you’re going to pay for procedures! Why does healthcare and insurance have to be so complicated? You can get discounts on just about anything but healthcare. MDsave is truly changing that.”


“It was really easy! I was surprised on how quick and painless it was. From searching my procedure on to printing out the voucher, it was easy and I did it in minutes. The site wasn’t hard to navigate, wasn’t confusing, and it was straightforward. I’m glad MDsave is here to help!

It’s unusual for me to do reviews, but I was so blown away and thankful that I found MDsave.”

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