MDsave Connects People Looking for Affordable Health Care Procedures Directly to Doctors and Eliminates Intermediaries

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In a Nutshell: Having to fork over a few thousand dollars for an unanticipated medical procedure can be seriously damaging to a household budget. For those who don’t have insurance or have a high unmet deductible and find themselves staring down a costly procedure, MDsave may be able to help. The technology platform connects those looking for affordable medical procedures with doctors who offer easy-to-understand, upfront pricing in exchange for prepayment. Whether it’s a simple blood test or a life-saving angioplasty, MDsave has helped consumers save serious money. Shopping on the MDsave marketplace is as easy as browsing Amazon. And financing options are available through the CareCredit credit card for many procedures.

LeAnn spends her days managing her North Dakota farm — gardening, breeding goats, and making cheese. A few years ago, LeAnn began experiencing severe heartburn and discovered that she would have to have an angioplasty and a heart stent due to a blockage.

LeAnn, who was uninsured, asked her doctor in North Dakota how much the procedure would cost. The answer was probably not good for LeAnn’s heart — $33,000.

“I mean, we paid $41,000 for our first home. It was just kind of a shock!” LeAnn recalled. “My husband decided to get on the internet and search ‘How much should an angioplasty cost?’ and that’s when we found MDsave. A savings of over $20,000!”

Through MDsave, LeAnn found a doctor in Oklahoma that not only performed her heart procedure at a much lower price, but he and the hospital staff were also much more accommodating to her needs.

MDsave is not a miraculous health care provider, but rather it is a technology platform where people who need medical procedures or services can shop for the best price among a list of providers. Instead of getting sticker shock following a hospital visit, MDsave users know exactly how much they will be paying, and pay it before they even visit the doctor. That means no surprise bills.


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