Why Buying Healthcare Online Isn’t a Scam

Online shopping isn’t the way of the future. It’s now. According to the Pew Research Center, 79% of Americans are online shoppers, up from 22% in 2000. More than that, Millennials make 60% of all of their purchases online up from 40% only two years ago. Many Americans are starting to turn to online shopping for their healthcare needs, too, and they’re already seeing success.

Why We Shop Online

But for some of us, we’ve let ourselves believe that getting medical treatment can’t be convenient, transparent, or affordable. That the big reasons we turn to online shopping can’t apply to our healthcare needs.

Reasons like:

  • The ability to shop 24/7 (58% of Americans)
  • To compare price (54% of Americans)
  • For better prices (46% of Americans)
  • To save time (40% of Americans)

Even with insurance, you still don’t know exactly what you’re going to pay for a procedure until long after it’s over and done, making it hard to prepare for the bill and even harder to make sure that you’re getting a fair price.

There’s good news. Technology is changing that.

Why We Should Start Shopping Online for Healthcare

At MDsave, we partner with providers and allow you, the patient, to pay in full up front, so that we can provide the total cost of a procedure before you ever step foot in the doctor’s office.

You can browse available doctors in your area offering what you need, empowering you to compare prices and giving you a tangible starting point for your healthcare research. And, because you can do it all online without ever having to make a phone call, it fits the number one reason people shop online: you can do it 24/7. Even better? it’s free to search. No subscription required.

Best of all? Because providers get paid up front and don’t have to worry about tracking down payment after the fact, they can actually offer you lower prices. You’ll save an average of $545 when you buy a procedure through MDsave.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from people who are not only seeing the benefits of transparent healthcare pricing through online shopping, but who have taken back control of their healthcare through MDsave.

LeAnn’s MDsave Story

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