It Seemed Too Good to Be True

Stephanie's Testimonial

Stephanie is a boots-on-the-ground world traveler who doesn’t have time for healthcare hassles. When a simple Google search led her to MDsave, she was surprised to learn healthcare could be affordable & efficient. 

Meet Stephanie.

“I live in western Ohio with my husband and three children. One is in college, one is actually overseas in Cambodia teaching ministry, and then I have a junior high student.

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie.
Photo Courtesy of Stephanie.

I love to travel so I’m home very little. I’m a boots-on-the-ground type person. But, when I’m at home, I want to spend my time with family and just enjoying that, and not having to micro manage any sort of stuff. 

I am part of an evangelical ministry and we travel all over. I’m actually going to Sri Lanka very soon to share in their communities. Our insurance through the ministry allows me to be the primary manager of my healthcare, meaning I have full control when choosing a doctor.” 

The doctor Stephanie chose sent her for testing. “Usually, when people figure out that they need tests, it ends up being within a week. Mine was an ultrasound of the thyroid.”

How Did You Find MDsave?

“I did research online and found MDsave with a simple Google search. 24 hours later, I was purchasing my test. So, it wasn’t something that I chewed on for a month.

I especially felt comfortable purchasing the procedure knowing that MDsave offers the MDsave Promise. It’s a huge part of what set me at peace. I knew that if I purchased the wrong procedure or I didn’t have the procedure completed, MDsave would refund my money 100% back. It was super valuable overall and especially knowing that there’s a phone number available to call to talk to a real person.”

Traveling to Save on Care

“The closest provider to me was an hour and a half away that offered a $1,200 savings compared to my local hospital. I was in the middle of two places that offer these services, but I decided it was worth the travel and went south towards Dayton, Ohio.

I walked in and presented my prepaid voucher at the hospital. They already had me registered in their system showing that I paid through MDsave, so they had everything on their end and it was very efficient. It was nice because I was literally out of the hospital in less than half an hour.”

I’d Love a Closer Hospital 

“We’re begging for a hospital partnership with MDsave that’s closer because we feel like it’ll allow us to be more in charge with our healthcare. Why would I go pay $1,500 when I can pay $300 and have a far better experience?”

Anything Else You’d Tell Someone New to MDsave?

MDsave truly provides significant savings. I thought it was too good to be true at first—but I’m just excited that I found MDsave. I mean, it all went so smoothly. I’m like, ‘This is crazy. This isn’t even healthcare management that I’ve previously known.’ I have already been spreading the word to my friends about MDsave.

MDsave finds it essential to connect with the end user in a communication. I think anybody in business or entrepreneurship, or in any type of networking business or ministry, appreciates the fact that there is an actual human connection.”

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