Stay Sane While Social Distancing

Social distancing doesn’t mean social disconnection. 

We’ve all experienced a shift in our lives, so we asked members of the MDsave team to share their top tips on staying happy and healthy during social distancing.

Get Brainy

Remember that thing you’ve been saying you want to learn for the past 10 years? Now’s the time.

“Take advantage of the downtime by learning something new or improving your skills—like an instrument or a new language.”

– Mark Kaufman, VP Product

Duolingo is an app that uses games to teach languages in bite-sized lessons and YouTube is full of instrument tutorials. Thinking more along the lines of a technical skill or particular software? Check out Lynda, which Mark loves because he gets free access through his city’s library account.

Interact With Real Humans

Isolation doesn’t mean you have to become a hermit. We’re lucky enough to have the technology to connect and collaborate with people anywhere in the world.

“Play a remote game of Quiplash! Or any Jackbox game. You can purchase it on your computer through Steam and then present your screen on a Google Hangout or Zoom conference. Everyone can play on their phone while watching the screen on their laptop and share some good laughs.”

– Kelsey Brasher, Graphic Designer

Furry Friends = Happiness

Lucky for you, there are more adorable animal videos in the world than you could possibly consume before this isolation period is over.

“Check in with Dog Twitter or #catsofinstagram! Research shows that watching cute animal videos can boost your mood and your productivity. Some of my favorite animal influencers on Twitter are @IvePetThatDog, @dog_rates, and @thegoodcatboy.”

– Kate Steurer, Brand Marketing Manager

Get a Plant Friend 

Sure it sounds a little crazy to take dirt and self-sustaining vegetation from outside and bring it inside your home where you have to actually work to keep it alive, but Nancy has some really good arguments for why you should give it a shot.

“Houseplants can improve the quality of air in your home, enhance creativity and brighten up your day! Try a succulent—they’re easy to take care of and also make a great statement piece in your home. I have two that I keep near my workspace at home.

– Nancy Angel, Marketing Coordinator

Find Your Zen

You’re stuck at home with a virus outside and stress inside; take some time to breathe deep, de-stress, and get to know yourself. 

“Do yoga and meditate! My favorite resources are Down Dog, Core Power Yoga, Yoga with Adrienne, and Headspace.”

– Ivanna Patton, UX Designer

Busy Kids = Happy Parents!

If you’re a parent in isolation with your children, no further explanation is needed here so we’ll cut straight to the resources. 

“There’s no shortage of resources to keep kids entertained while school is out. Take a virtual field trip, try a new science experiment, or have a midday dance party.”

– Courtney McNamee, Director of Marketing

Unplug & Live a Little

Have you checked your average daily screen time lately? Do a quick self-check. If your eyes are mad at you and you’re developing carpal tunnel, maybe take a break.

“I’d really like to come out of this with something more than a Guinness World Record for most hours on TikTok. So…gardening, new recipes, working on the Jeep, playing with the pressure washer—I’m spending at least 30% of my time screen-free.”

– Rachel Figley, Marketing Specialist

Take a Lap

Remember how you only walked 147 steps yesterday? Your body doesn’t like that. Do a lap around the block and if someone gets within six feet of you, RUN.

“Go for a walk during the day. While being quarantined at home, you’ll probably be sitting still for longer periods of time compared to a normal day.”

– Michael Bischoff, Business Intelligence Manager

Don’t Be a Couch Potato

This is the perfect time to build new habits or find new ways to maintain existing ones. 

“Take a fitness class! Tons of studios are offering virtual workout classes. My go-to’s are live-stream workouts, virtual fitness classes, and Steezy Studio (virtual dance classes).”

– Aileen Ju, UX Designer

Most Importantly, Take Care of Yourself

It’s totally normal to feel stressed during a pandemic. Take time to step away from the noise and focus on your health. Remember to always follow the CDC’s recommendation to protect yourself from COVID-19. Wash your hands, avoid close contact by standing 6 feet apart, and disinfect surfaces daily.

Your health is more important than ever. Take care of yourself and stay healthy. We’re #InThisTogether.

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