A Bright Light in Healthcare

When George, a veteran, had his insurance denied at his local hospital, MDsave helped him get the tests he needed—and for a lower price than his original copay would have been. Now, he wants to get the word out about how everyone can get affordable care through MDsave.

Meet George

“I’ve lived in 14 states, two foreign countries. I’ve spent most of my life in Alaska. I got to Alaska on my own boat, actually, traveling from Puget Sound to Ketchikan. It took parts of 3 years to get there, but it was very much a high point in my life.

This year, I’m kind of stuck down here [in Texas] because of COVID-19. I run a small rooming business up [in Alaska], and because of COVID-19 there’s just really not enough business, you know, for me to go and spend the summer up there. So I stayed down here, and this was my first real summer here in Alpine, Texas. Luckily it didn’t get over 100 degrees!”

A Veteran’s Affair with Healthcare

“In February, I all of a sudden had trouble with both knees. I mean, I could hardly get around. So I went to my doctor and he said, ‘Well, you need to do a blood panel and have some X-rays of your knees done.’ So he filled out the paperwork, and I went over to our local hospital, you know, to get my blood drawn, and neither one of my insurance cards would work. 

Why? Number one, I didn’t know that I needed to fill out more paperwork for treatment in Texas, even though, as a veteran, I’m covered through [the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)]—which is a national organization. I’d already filled out the paperwork in Alaska. So, I’m still stuck on that. It’s just another hurdle, you know? And [VA employees] are not easy people to get ahold of, to ask questions and stuff. And, number two, my Medicare is only Part A—it won’t be Part B until next year. Part B covers everything except hospital visits, but I can’t get that until January 1 [2021].”

“My Copay Would Have Been More”

“On my way out of the hospital, I asked, ‘Well, do you have a cash discount?’ And the lady at the front desk said to me, “Yes, it’s 80% off.’ I thought, ‘That sounds pretty good.’ But then when I went back to the clinic I go to here, in my neighborhood, one of the ladies said, ‘You should try this MDsave site because it’ll be cheaper than the 80% off deal at the hospital.’ Which to me is totally ridiculous! So I filled out the paperwork and purchased my vouchers. I got four knee X-rays for, I think, about $130. And I got the blood panel done for $130. I paid cash, and in our health system, shoot, my copay would have been more than that!

Continuous Savings

“When a business like [MDsave] comes along, I believe in promoting it. And [MDsave] worked equally well in my daughter’s case. She needed to get an IV port removed, and it was going to cost $800 at the hospital. Crazy! So she checked with MDsave, and sure enough, it was only going to be $65.”

“MDsave’s Services Can’t Be Beat”

“I know it works, and I want to get the word out. One of the main reasons for bankruptcy these days is medical debt. Our little clinic here is a reasonable place to go, for a doctor’s appointment, but for diagnostics and testing and anything more than that, MDsave works very well. It’s affordable.

And for hospitals? MDsave fills a niche for them too. It’s such a good deal. Because if the procedure you happen to need is cheaper than your copay, why not just pay it? I’ve really got to commend [MDsave’s] negotiators.

Our world needs a couple of bright lights, especially in times like these. You know what I mean? MDsave is one of those bright lights. I can’t say enough about it. [MDsave’s] services can’t be beat.”

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