To Your Heart (and Wallet)’s Content

Jaime needed an echo, but his insurance would only cover half of the costs—meaning he’d be left paying nearly $4,500. When his hospital told him about MDsave, the savings spoke for themselves; Jaime knew he’d found the solution he’d been looking for.

Meet Jaime

“I am from El Paso, Texas, originally, but I live in Longview, Texas right now for work. Recently, my wife and I had been doing Crossfit, but I started having some heart issues! So I went to my primary care physician and he helped me out. They did an EKG first, and then, after reviewing those results, they ordered an echo—that’s how I found MDsave.”

A Lifeline from Longview

“Originally, when I got the call from the cardiologist, they said that the cost of the echo would be about $9,000, and if I wanted to pay for it through my insurance, then I would be responsible for about half of that price (so about $4,500). Then, the hospital [Longview Regional] told me that they offered the MDsave program, but I didn’t know what that was. They told me that if I purchased my echo through MDsave, my total cost would go down to about $595. I mean, that’s a significant difference! It’s why I decided to use MDsave. 

So I actually went online and looked into what MDsave offers on its website, and I saw that MDsave offers so much more than just cardiology procedures—there are all types of tests and doctors appointments listed on the website. And it was through my doctor’s referral that I ended up having my echo done at Longview Regional, as I normally would have gone to CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Medical Center. But Longview has some of the best cardiologists, and they work with MDsave, so off I went! And overall, I had no issues. I’ve received no additional bills, I had no trouble purchasing my voucher, and I received great care at the hospital. It really was a great solution for me.”

Why MDsave Matters

“I’d recommend that everyone shop around for their care. Look at MDsave and what they offer! You can save so much money. I have a high deductible plan through my insurer, so that’s why my out-of-pocket costs were going to be around $4,500. Fortunately, MDsave made sure that amount wasn’t what I ended up paying. 

Ultimately, I saved some money and I’m healthy, so all is good! And I’d definitely use MDsave again.”

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